£300 off an iphone 5c!!!

Discussion in 'All things Apple' started by Mentalpen, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. Mentalpen

    Mentalpen Guest

    Just found out my work does mobile phones for home scheme. Its basically a tax scam.

    Just ordered a 32gb yellow 5c for the wife, it costs me £16.32 for 24 months then i pay 5% of the original price to keep it on the 25th month.

    works out i've saved just over £300 :blush:mg:

    might be worth you seeing if you have one.

    Note*** the more tax you pay the more you save. iirc i save 44% or something.

  2. Sounds very similar to the bike to work scheme that i am on!
  3. nutnutwelshman

    nutnutwelshman Spa-tacus Area Rep

    Nice one Simon I think ill have a word in the Morning
  4. Mentalpen

    Mentalpen Guest

    Yeah they are doing bikes for work, child care vouchers, mobile phones and computers/tablets/macs

    Only down side is you have to take insurance on the phone at £90 for the phone or it would have nearly been a £400 saving.
  5. Roy

    Roy clio197.net legend

    Can I get one off DWP :worried::worried::worried: you think
  6. Mentalpen

    Mentalpen Guest

    No idea, here is an idea of what's on offer for us.

    The net cost is the cost to you/me and pay is 4 weekly and it shows the saving.




  7. Stephen


    Audi S3 - S3 USD
    I have this with my bike, confuses me how it works because on my payslip it says its been deducted but thats just from my tax, I dont actually pay for it which is nice.. still get the same net pay.
  8. Mentalpen

    Mentalpen Guest

    Great scam isn't it. You should ask if they do it for this type of offer.

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