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Discussion in 'Traders, Products and Dealership Reviews' started by Benno, May 15, 2017.

  1. Benno

    Benno Gold Member

    This time of year is always a painful one...especially at the ripe old age of 20..

    Thanks to Dan for putting me in touch with the guys, had two conversations on the phone with separate people, both were nice, understanding and genuinely seemed to want to help me get the best price possible.

    Ended up paying about £100 more than the cheapest quote I found elsewhere, however this included all the modifications that have been bought/are in mind, not just the mods I have now!

    No complaints from me, great customer service and was fully covered with the confirmation email in my inbox less than 40 minutes after picking up the phone.

    Kudos to the guy I spoke to today...I forgot about a little accident I had a few years back which I notified to the insurance but never claimed on, he was very forgiving after I explained and it made no difference to my premium.

    Would definitely rather pay a little more to a reputable insurer that understand the modifications game and aren't out to shaft people my age for having a powerful car!
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  2. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    Good group there - I'm insured with them! :smile:
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  3. Beany

    Beany Platinum Member

    RB 200 cup
    Ditto can't fault Adrian flux
  4. r&skxa

    r&skxa Gold Member

    Boosted Clio RS200
    All brokers are your best mate, till you need them.
    Just make sure you check who the underwriters are.
  5. kevlar

    kevlar Gold Member

    Seat Ateca...WTF happened.
    Just pm'd you mine up for renewal soon
  6. kevlar

    kevlar Gold Member

    Seat Ateca...WTF happened.
    Had a quote from Dan earlier, fairly good price on both my cars - will wait to see what my current insurer can do this year then decide.
  7. Hi,
    Glad we are in the right ball park for you.
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