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    So after looking for garages that were closer to me and knew what they were doing I came across Ardi Motors. They had great reviews online so I used my sister's car as a guinea pig to see what their work and service was like. I was happy with the repairs done and their pricing, which is very fair for a garage in London. Earlier this year I had them service the car for a second time, including spark plugs and I didn't have a single complaint. That was followed by having all four calipers stripped and cleaned for the princely sum of £40!

    Fast forward to today where Ardi fixed my gear selection issue first thing in the morning. I would say I'm very particular about who works on my car, however it's not always possible to wait a week or two to be booked into my local specialist so having a garage like this is makes things a lot easier. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ardi to others who are local and need someone they can trust.

    A link to their website for anyone interested:
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    Cheers for the review Davinder - goes well in this forum for future users!
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    nice to hear another positive review about a garage that treated a fellow clio..
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    Thanks for the feedback Davinder, and very good to hear that you got things sorted with your car. Great news.
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    thanks for sharing us your feedback
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