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What should i do next?

  1. Complain about the foam replacement and ask for it do be done 'Right'

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  2. Do it myself and give up on them

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  3. request to speak to the highest manager of Charles Hurst Used Direct and explain it all

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  1. Roshi69


    GW Clio 200 RS
    Hi guys,

    Firstly this could be a long one...

    I bought my lovely Clio 200 on the 30th December 2016.

    On the 5th of February I had discovered the flooding under the carpet and emailed Charles Hurst on the 6th (this was after about a week of a slight smell getting worse until it was nearly unbearable, smelt like rotting fruit, when i went looking for it i noticed the rear passenger carpet was wet and underneath the foam was soaked through and between the foam and metal floor was completely flooded)

    Got this reply..
    "Hi Ross, we had a couple of cars in after the heavy rain we had recently, with similar issues.
    A perished rubber is usually the cause. I can certainly direct you towards our service department, and they could do a water test to see where the water is coming in from.

    With the bad odor, the carpet, and the sound deadening needs to dry thoroughly.

    Give our Service Department a call on 02890484850, Gary or Alison"

    When i called the service department i was told that i would need to pay for it as it wouldn't be covered under warrant (just over 1 month after buying it!). so instantly refused.

    I proceeded to try and fix the problem myself. Went to charles hurst renault in Ards and ordered the weather strips between the door and rear window as they were completely cracked and hanging off in parts (had to wait a few days for them to come and cost £30).
    In the meantime i went to B&Q and rented a Rug Doctor (wet vac) to suck the water out of the carpet and underneath, also bought the odor eliminator bottle for it to try rid the smell and a few compact electric heaters to try dry it all out.

    After thinking about it and waiting all weekend working on it, i decided to send a very large email to the complaints section of Charles Hurst, of course the next morning i got a call saying that it was a misunderstanding and to get it up to them to check it out.

    1st occasion: so the car went up and they checked everywhere for the water and cleaned the scuttle drains. water flooded again the next weekend. (1 day)

    2nd occasion: they said they water tested it for over 2 days and thoroughly dried it (had it nearly 3 days). Few days later i realized they had stripped underneath my carpet and left me with no foam, just bare metal! Said it was a mistake and should have been put back in

    3rd occasion: said they re-foamed it.

    Then i came to the forums after there was the little streak of water coming in the front portion of the passenger door. Noticed the foam that has been bit in it is not genuine parts and is a material that looks like it would come as padding for an internet order!

    I was told to bring it up again to test it, I refused until i was lent a car as it was costing me on taxis and time out of work etc. I was supposed to go up yesterday but my license is away updating my new address but they cant lend me a car without it. so atm nothing is happening until my license arrives back.

    As you will see in the forums i have tried multiple things to resolve the issue and am not sure if its solved or not. Ive stripped the door card and thoroughly tested it, removed the wind mirror to check for seal issues there. Stripped and tested the scuttle drains (as now i cant take their word for it), though it did seem to be cleared.

  2. ///M

    ///M Gold Member

    R27, ///M CS, Exige V6
    Sorry to hear this.

    Send them an email with every single bit of detail you can give with links to everything you've posted about in the forum.

    Remind them very sternly of the law about three months and the car being fit and proper. Research this so you know what's what. Running out of time here! Needs recording that you have made more than an effort to get things sorted in time.

    Finally and most importantly, copy in trading standards, BBC Watchdog, any other trading groups you can and every single newspaper that is local to them. And do your very best to find the email of the head of the company or his secretary or failing that, any other contact addresses you can find for them.

    Also send ALL this in writing too. To each company or organisation you copied in. And make note in the email that you will send in writing additionally.

    I think you've done all you can now, it's time to get more aggressive. They're REALLY taking the piss here. An immediate water leak as soon as you buy the car and the shocking attempts to fob you off then bodge fix it... I'm livid on your behalf mate.

    Don't take it lying down, you've given these jokers a LOT of your hard earned.

    Oh and if they have any social media accounts, I'd be peppering those with the full story and photos and keep going until it pisses them right off.

    They 100% owe you a resolution here and it sounds like you're not going to get one unless you go hardcore!

    Best of luck mate.
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  3. Roshi69


    GW Clio 200 RS
    broken seals i replaced

    Occasion 2 - Left with bare metal
    Occasion2-baremetal2.jpg Occasion2-baremetal.jpg
    Current situation - make shift foam/bare metal
    CurrentStatus2.jpg CurrentStatus-Hollow.jpg CurrentStatus.jpg
  4. LOCKE

    LOCKE Paid Member

    RB 182 Cup/LY 197 R27
    Speak to highest manager explain everything. You want the foam replaced with original spec. If not citizens advice will guide you.
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  5. Cossers


    Vxr astra (j) and an r27
    Small claims court, done it a few times now, always works!
  6. Roshi69


    GW Clio 200 RS
    Quick update. Got myself wound up the other week about all this and sent another email.

    The car is currently in getting the genuine foam replaced and hopefully it is and I can be finished with them and start enjoying the car again and not getting pissed off every time I enter it!

    Will post an update later and hopefully never have to write in this thread again! Lol

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