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Discussion in 'Cliosport Festival 2017' started by Chris, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Sunglasses_Ron

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    Well seeing as 99.9% of the feedback from the event has been very positive I'll put your review down to a one off.

    We try every year to get traders to attend. Unfortunately we can't force them.

    As for feeling like an outcast, maybe next year it might be an idea for not to separate themselves to their own camping area and get involved with everyone else? A few beers on the Friday evening is a great ice breaker and a chance to get to know people

    A member of ClioSport who had never been to a meet before said when he arrived and set up his tent he was approached and welcomed into the group from CS that were next to him.

    I hope you'll reconsider and give the event another try next year.

  2. Kirsty

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    To be fair it was my idea to give them their own camping area because last year we were moaned at for not giving them their own area by some people who attended :smiley: not sure we could of won this either way lol!
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  3. Chris

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    Really don't think it's worth getting het up about... its not going to be everyone's cup of tea! Can't please everyone :drunk:

    As to the camping area, last year I think only a few people attended (me and Jimmy couldn't go last year)... yes Kirsty did organise the little corner for us, but we weren't barriered off, and in fact both nights we were talking to guys from CS, particularly Saturday when there was a large group of us chatting!

    As Ron has pointed out, 99.9% of people had a blast, from every forum that attended!
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  4. Jimmy

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    Yeah there was certainly no issue with us having our own area for the camping - it was a good idea and made sense to have it, as those who were attending and staying the night had someplace to go where they knew there would be people they were at least familiar with - it can be quite intimidating when you come to an event and the vast majority are from a different forum.

    As Chris said though, everyone was very welcoming irrespective of where we pitched our tents. All those we spoke to from CS were friendly and approachable and we had a good time with them on the Saturday night and Sunday morning. Which is what we knew from the last time Chris and I attended - we're all in this together, regardless of which site we're members on :smile:
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  5. Gregor

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    When I got to site didn't know anyone Spent about a hour asking about where Chris and jimmy was on the sat lol. Then wasn't sure where the camp site was for But Soon got myself a csf taxi for the track got took out twice which I loved thanks to them guys for that. Then I made a donation to the raffle RDS valeting stuff. When I spoke to Ron was shocked to find out that all the event is put on by members on the forums. With Renault supplying the cars on show which they bring In a lorry. Thought Renault would of done a lot more. With out the members on both forums and a lot of good people in the back ground this wouldn't happen at all. Would been nice to have some traders there as I would of def bought something but as ron says you can't make them come. Not sure if they get charged a fee to stand thief stalls as to why they don't come and stand?? Hopefully we can all meet up again soon. And if I've still got this French hoe next year I'd like to help some of the good people with csf next year setting it all up
  6. Jimmy

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    Yeah it's very much funded by the forums, which to look at the scale of the event, the location and what is provided, it is a huge achievement. An assumption is that this is on a par with FCS/Trax etc, however CSF is much more about it being an organised, annual meet up for members all over the country to get together - it's all about the socialising.

    The track time is very reasonably priced, and the fact that so many of the drivers were willing to take on passengers is a huge credit to them. This is basically very cheap entertainment if you're into cars!

    Who knows, maybe over the next few years CSF will continue to grow - our forum for example could bring a lot more members in future years and so the whole scale will be increased, so more tickets sold and therefore more potential for traders etc to attend. It can only get better, which is great!
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  7. Kirsty

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    Each year I spend the whole lead up to the events begging for traders to come and the only person who supports us each year is Paul from Diamond performance... last year we got two traders to come along and no one bought a thing.. so traders just don't feel its worth their time..
    we don't charge them a penny to come.. we even feed them for free and offer them free tickets etc.. other than physically paying them I don't know what else we can do :smile:

    As jimmy said the event is all funded by the clubs.. we heavily subsidise this show.. which we are happy to do because it benefits our members in a big way :smile:

    The CSF Taxi idea seemed to work really well this year so we will be pushing this even more next year :smile: and yes the more tickets we sell the more chance traders may attend and the more we can offer for people to do in the day :smile:
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