Fitting a 197 bumper on a Mark 3 TCE

Discussion in 'Body Work and Exterior Lights' started by Jackdsp, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Jackdsp


    Clio 1.2 TCE
    Hi guys, recently signed up to the forums

    I was just wondering how easy it is to fit a 197 rear bumper and diffuser on a non sport Mark 3 TCE. ive seen a few reps but can never find a solid answer, some people say itll go on easily and some say you need to change the rear quarters?

    recently took delivery of a Cup spoiler as well, i think itll look best with a rear bumper to match

    any help would be awesome

  2. CallorFold

    CallorFold Platinum Member

    Clio 220 Trophy
    I don't know this factually, but I would think it isn't a straight swap due to the flared arches and generally wider back end. Needing to change the rear quarters too would make sense, but then I can't imagine it's worth all the effort, 197's can be had pretty cheap now days.
  3. Jackdsp


    Clio 1.2 TCE
    only 22 with 1 years no claims... a 172 was 4k haha
  4. DS197

    DS197 POTM Winner - June 2017 Paid Member

    Clio 197
    Would still be worth getting a quote for a 197 as they haven't got in the hands of "urban yoof" yet. Companies like the admiral group, adrian flux etc are usually good for young people.
  5. Cal

    Cal Gold Member

    Clio 197 R27
    I'm with adrian flux, 22 1 years NCB 197 F1 All mods declared for £1400
  6. Jackdsp


    Clio 1.2 TCE
    i got a quote from them, £1800 for my TCE haha
  7. Jackdsp


    Clio 1.2 TCE
    Yeah I might have a look, thanks :smile:
  8. Kazumz


    Clio RS 200 Gordini
    Get it mapped! 130bhp isn't hard to get in those. They're ballistic off the mark. Next to no turbo spool.
  9. Jackdsp


    Clio 1.2 TCE
    i thought id revive this thread considering its over a year old and say YES a clio 197 rear bumper fits perfectly!

    had to cut the diffuser in half as it was dragging on the floor and there was no where to hang it up, but i think it looks great

    also installed a front mount intercooler + ramair air filter
    resprayed my wheels in black

    cup spoiler is being painted as we speak

    next is a decat ( £240 from KTEC is killing me )
    cat back dual exit system
    clio 182 injectors
    - 145 bhp :wink:

    clio 197 rep.jpg
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  10. Doogle

    Doogle Winner - POTM March 2018 Paid Member

    BMW e46 330cd
    Good to see something else being modified. Not always a fan of putting sport bumpers on something else but anything that improves performance is always worthy :thumb:
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  11. Jackdsp


    Clio 1.2 TCE
    And she’s pretty much done apart from the 197 grill I need

    Cup spoiler is on
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  12. Barney626

    Barney626 Winner - POTM December 2017 Paid Member

    Clio 197 - Nimbus
    Are the tints on the lights legal? :tearsofjoy:
  13. Jackdsp


    Clio 1.2 TCE
    I couldn’t say, I brought the car with the tints haha

    Although I’ve had police behind me many times, never been pulled over
  14. Ade T

    Ade T Paid Member

    Nice one. Can you not mount the diffuser brackets on a non sport?
  15. LOCKE

    LOCKE Paid Member

    RB 182 Cup/LY 197 R27
    Black badges and lights....... :censored:
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  16. Jackdsp


    Clio 1.2 TCE
    i couldnt really get that far underneath the car, but with a quick glance i couldnt see any mounting points, cut it in half, still looks normal and its held up fine :tongueout:
  17. Jackdsp


    Clio 1.2 TCE
    sorry its not to your taste :worried:
  18. Marsch


    Berlin, Germany
    Stealth Grey RS 200
    The bumper looks strange somehow. Like the sides with the flared parts are tugged in way more than on a real RS. A wonder that it does fit.
  19. Looks good mate! Have you done anything with the front end as well?
  20. Jackdsp


    Clio 1.2 TCE
    Hi mate ! Thanks for the kind words.

    The only thing on the front is a colour coded bumper. Need some RS grills haha

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