Forza Horizon 2 - Xbox One

Discussion in 'Gaming & Consoles' started by Stephen, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Stephen


    Audi S3 - S3 USD
    Quality game... anyone else have it yet?

  2. My order from Amazon bounced for some reason, but I'll have it soon.
  3. What Renaultsport cars are on there?
  4. Stephen


    Audi S3 - S3 USD
    Pain in the arse.

    I was going to pre order but didn't bother in the end so got it in tesco's today.
  5. Had it preordered and forgot. Got an email to say it's not gone through. Guess I'll just pick it up tomorrow instead.
  6. I've got it on 360 amazing game the renaultvalve I've seen are v6 clio and the new megane I've got the supra to start then straight to the gtr brilliant game love the barn finds
  7. Stephen


    Audi S3 - S3 USD
    Yeah, that little Williams is quality.

    I went for the z4 then to a TTRS.

    Renault Alpine barn find is cool.
  8. Ashton

    Ashton 200T Test Pilot Platinum Member

    Rothley, Leicester
    Clio 200T Lux EDC
    I will pick this up later for the xb1
  9. I've got the
    Ferrari gto
    ferrari 250 gt
    Vw bus
    Lamborghini miura
    r32 golf
    r34 skyline
    dodge challenger
    RS megane
  10. Adam_R


    RS Clio 200
    I really want this but ive got a ps4 :worried:
  11. How does it compare to the first 1? I found the first very reptitive, more so than a racing game always is of course.

    I've only got a 360 and not the One, but I don't game that much, I only really play BO2 and Horizon 1 occasionally.
  12. I've got the xbox360 and its brilliant kinda like the first as in free roam but the game is different as in graphics scene type of racing each event has ten tyres as rally,street rival etc really well put together game different terrain different feel well worth the buy
  13. Stephen


    Audi S3 - S3 USD
    I'd recommend this new one..

    I agree the old one got repetitive but so far this isn't, loads to do and lots of different online things, roadtrips ect.
  14. might have to purchase, do i sell my 360 and ps3 and get a one though??? only use ps3 for blu rays tbh and 360 for games.
  15. Stephen


    Audi S3 - S3 USD
    Do it! I sold my 360 for the One, so much better.. well worth it now they've dropped in price. [MENTION=38628]TB Rich[/MENTION]
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  16. Deaks


    Nimbus 197 FF
    Pre-ordered today, just finished the demo on the XB1! Love this.
  17. Stephen


    Audi S3 - S3 USD
    I'd be worried if you just pre ordered it mate.. it came out yesterday lol
  18. Deaks


    Nimbus 197 FF
  19. Mmmm just looked and yeah £290 is the cheapest I can find console only, not bad. But it opens up a can of worms really, PS4 or Xbox One!! Might just pay £35 and buy Forza for the 360, I can't justify sleepless nights over a console! I have that enough deilemas over cars, houses, women (or lack thereof right now!) lol
  20. Just bare this in mind when deciding which game to buy:

    And copy pasted from some guys comments:


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