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  1. Deaks


    Nimbus 197 FF
    Who's brought it then and initial thoughts?

    I'm having great fun modding the various cars!

    Personally I love the textures and how vast the world is, not sure how far I'm into missions yet but there's a pretty grim torture scene.

    My fav things to do at the moment is cruising in the tuned SL55 AMG look alike or on the jet skis!

  2. maccy


    county durham
    Abarth 500 ss
    Not my cup of tea, only ever liked the top down view of the original game
  3. Ryan197cup


    White 197cup
    Yup up till midnight last nite just free roaming its massive, gona do some missions today to see what the game plays like
  4. Gazeratti

    Gazeratti team inferno

    Megane 225T
    Ill wait till it comes down in price probably after xmas. i dont play on games consoles as much as i use to.
  5. Mentalpen

    Mentalpen Guest

    What ever happened to googling porn and wearing out your wrist?

    Bloody yoof of today....
  6. Gazeratti

    Gazeratti team inferno

    Megane 225T
    why do you think i dont go on the game console as much pmsl
  7. nutnutwelshman

    nutnutwelshman Spa-tacus Area Rep

    Well guys 22 years back I could have shown you the real Thing but iam a good boy now
  8. Giles


    Red 197 & Trophy 220
    Sound a good game but I don't have time to play it haha
  9. Rogue

    Rogue Platinum Member

    Boosted R27
    Almost got this today, but I'm hooked on splinter cell still and have batman coming next month.

    initial reports are looking good tho?
  10. Goose


    Clio R27 #214
    Just killed a prostitute.

    GTA is good, too.
  11. Arran

    Arran I Love Lamp Platinum Member

    Clio 200t Lux
    Only managed to play for a couple of hours in total so far, don't have enough holiday from work to take any time off. At the moment I'm a little overwhelmed by the size and what is going on. I've done a few missions so far, not discovered the jet skis or modification shops yet.
  12. Fernandez

    Fernandez Gold Member

    Ches Vegas
    Project Lotus is go
    Splinter cell here too, massive fan of the series tbh. I just love the stealth aspect, moving undetected and slicing someones throat. Still on the game mode and just started the Istanbul level. I do need a co-op partner for some levels though Pete if your on PS3 :wink:

    Not even had a look at the spies vs mercs online bit yet.
  13. GrumpyTwig

    GrumpyTwig "the troll hunter" with added boost!

    I've probably racked up about 16-18 hours on it already :-D

    It's good fun, tbh more looking forward to the online element.
  14. Matt197

    Matt197 South West Rep

    Clio 197
    I cant put the game down :smiley:

    So much to see and do, I got lost early in the outback and got chased by a cougar lol
  15. I started playing yesterday at about 10pm. Thought I'd get a couple of hours in and go sleep. 630am I went upstairs!! "/ time jus goes when ur playin
  16. Fernandez

    Fernandez Gold Member

    Ches Vegas
    Project Lotus is go
    if I'd have known there were sex crazed milfs in it I'd have got a copy... What time does Game open
  17. FaithlessEmo


    Sutton coldfield
    Renault Clio 200
    I am annoyed with it!
    And its economics!!!!!

    I found a GT40 lookalike and was cruising when a prostitute turned and gave me a second look, I though 'I've got the cash' so pulled up and picked her up.
    Drove around the corner and parked in front of a darkened garage. She asks for $50 for services, so I pay and get a BJ. She finishes up and asks if I want some more so I pay another $50 to see what else I get. Another BJ. Not impressed!!
    So I got out of the car and promptly beat her over the back of the head and I get $57 back!
    Where the **** did she spend $43 that I paid her when she was sitting in the car with me?!?
    I go check the seat cracks in her seat, nothing!

    Disappointment! lol
  18. ^^ lol!

    I got it on tuesday but only got chance to play yesterday for the first time. Only racked up 2hrs or so on the game and loving it so far! It's so sad but I almost did a little dance when I realised all the things you can modify on your car (exhaust, brakes, turbo etc) as I always tend to collect all the best cars in a garage and spend most of my time just driving around in them like a nobhead.

    Gameplay this time seems massively improved and the hotswapping between characters really adds to it. The Mrs wasn't best pleased when after about 10mins of playing I headed to the strip club for a double stripper dance, before promptly heading back to her place :smiley:.
  19. Deaks


    Nimbus 197 FF
    Haha good to see everyone is enjoying it! I'm currently looking for the bugatti look alike and the mp4 look alike! Anyone know locations?

    What is everyone's favourite radio station on it?
  20. If you go on the internet (in the game) theres a car dealership website thats advertising you can buy cars from them. It shows the Buggatti (don't remember if it has the MP4) maybe you could then find that dealership on the map and 'pay them a visit'? :wink:

    I'm not sure on the radio stations, if I'm honest none of them have really stood out to me yet, whenever I flick through they almost all seem to be chat stations. I've noticed the Reggae and the Hip Hop stations seem decent, but I've not found an Old Skool, Dance and Rock station like they used to have?

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