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Discussion in 'New Members' started by sergiomeg, May 14, 2018.

  1. sergiomeg

    sergiomeg Paid Member

    Clio III 197
    Hi to everyone, my name is Sergio, I'm from Spain and I have a clio rs 197 with 135000kms since one month ago.
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  2. SeanTheSheep

    SeanTheSheep Paid Member

    South Wales
    Clio 200
    Welcome in mate

    Congrats on the new ownership of your Clio :wink:

    Post a pic or three if you have some
  3. Foxspeed

    Foxspeed "the new red baron" Moderator

  4. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    welcome buddy..enjoy your stay :french:
  5. Johnny 99

    Johnny 99 Platinum Member

    Clio Renaultsport 200
    Welcome Sergio. As said, we'd love to see some pictures of the car.
  6. ///M

    ///M Gold Member

    R27, ///M CS, Exige V6
    Yep, another one wanting to see photos of how a Clio looks in Spain. How's the scene out there? Many around? Modifying culture?
  7. sergiomeg

    sergiomeg Paid Member

    Clio III 197
    For example.....[​IMG]

    Enviado desde mi LG-H870 mediante Tapatalk
  8. ///M

    ///M Gold Member

    R27, ///M CS, Exige V6
    Great photo!

    Ultra Red on white wheels always looks awesome.
  9. sergiomeg

    sergiomeg Paid Member

    Clio III 197
    Yes, the Clio 197´s was very sold. The specs/price ratio was nice comparing with another brands and models. But now, the new 200T/220T sells very little. People prefers the new Peugeot 208 by peugeot sport before the new Clio.

    Yes, we have modifying culture but we have a lot of legal restrictions. For example, if we want to change the original suspension to Bilstein pss b14 , we would need an engineering project, paying, of course.

    Thank you very much for your welcome and sorry for my english
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  10. sergiomeg

    sergiomeg Paid Member

    Clio III 197
    Another one on the parking 5baa86b1fad118e2607f44312544bcb9.jpg

    Enviado desde mi LG-H870 mediante Tapatalk
  11. ///M

    ///M Gold Member

    R27, ///M CS, Exige V6
    That’s why I asked about the mod scene. I thought I’d heard something about restrictions over there in the past. Shame.

    As for the 200T/220T not selling as well, that’s because the Mk3 is better!


    And no need to apologise for your English. It’s a LOT better than my Spanish :thumb:
  12. Big Ben

    Big Ben Winner - POTM February 2018 Paid Member

    Welcome aboard mate
  13. LOCKE

    LOCKE Paid Member

    RB 182 Cup/LY 197 R27
    Welcome in mate.

  14. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    Welcome to the forum, Sergio!
  15. Ruben203

    Ruben203 Paid Member

    Clio III RS 200
    Bienvenido, por aquí hay mucha información interesante y la gente suele tener mejor gusto con estos coches que en españa.
  16. sevenfourate

    sevenfourate Devotee of OCD Paid Member

    Lowestoft, England.
    Racing Blue RS-200
    Welcome aboard Sergio ! Many congratulations on a GREAT LOOKING 197.

    ***I apologise for my poor English also
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  17. Marsch


    Berlin, Germany
    Stealth Grey RS 200
  18. R11HOY

    R11HOY Paid Member

    Conlig County Down Northern Ireland
    Renaultsport Clio 197 (2008)
    Sergio....welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy the car

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