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  1. clio_part_timer

    clio_part_timer Paid Member

    F80 M3
    Hi i'm looking to buy a 197 as a track toy but don't have permission to view the cars for sale?

    I did look for a FAQ to see if I needed to do anything but to no luck.

    Previously I've had Clio 1.4RT, 16v, Williams, 172 and V6 MK1 but then went over to the Megane side of things with a RS250 which was my Nurburgring toy and sold.

    Anyway if anyone can let me know what I need to do that would be great.



  2. turkie172

    turkie172 Paid Member

    Yea to need to become a member £5 per year or there are one off Gold, Platinum etc

    Gets you into the How to section etc
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  3. LOCKE

    LOCKE Paid Member

    RB 182 Cup/LY 197 R27
    Welcome in mate.
  4. clio_part_timer

    clio_part_timer Paid Member

    F80 M3
    Ah right cheers, seems strange that people that want to buy cars can't access those listed for sale.

    If I rang up a dealership and they asked me to pay £5 to view a car I'd probably ring another :excited: but rules are rules and I respect that.

    If I find one I'll probably return and sign up and do a project thread. Thank you for the quick response :thumb: all the best for now. I'll scout out Autotrader / Pistonheads and see if any decent cared for enthusiast ones appear.
  5. turkie172

    turkie172 Paid Member

    No problem are you sure you picked the car for sale section or the parts for sale section as I do think the cars for sale section is not restricted but I could be wrong about that but you have to be logged in.
  6. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    welcome and as's a 5 a year..not bad given you get access to sure you will find one..
    good luck in your search
  7. Foxspeed

    Foxspeed "the new red baron" Moderator

  8. Beany

    Beany Platinum Member

    RB 200 cup
    Welcome aboard
  9. Johnny 99

    Johnny 99 Platinum Member

    Clio Renaultsport 200
    Welcome along. Check out the buyers guide on here. This place is really friendly & full of craic & banter. A fiver to support the running costs is minimal, not even a round at the pub. Good luck with your search. Find a goodun & you'll love it!
  10. clio_part_timer

    clio_part_timer Paid Member

    F80 M3
    Hi again, paid the £5 to get access.

    Will take a peek at whats there now. Seen a few examples i'm interested in. In an ideal world for the project I want I'll find a tidy 197 / 200 which has a dead engine.
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  11. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost

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