hub ball joint f**Ked!!

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  1. R27WTF

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    Clio 197 f1
    How much are they? And do they have any left?

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  2. MarcB

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    LY 197 F1 / Trophy / Escort RST
    Price will vary depending on if you are trade, if you have an account, if you buy online or if you have a discount code.

    I will post pictures up of mine tomorrow.
  3. MarcB

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    LY 197 F1 / Trophy / Escort RST
    Here is the info I have on these parts.

    Now I believe that Rofag sell the OCAP unit and that it was OCAP who supplied Renault with these lower ball joints.
    I'm also lead to believe. That the genuine OCAP ones come with the dust seal inside.
    A friend of mine who has a Megane RS just bought one from Rofag and waited 3 weeks and his one is the exact same as mine pictured below without any boxes.

    Genuine Renault OE Part number is - 8200438088

    Tech France part number -

    Euro Car Parts Number -
    617 745 468

    Genuine OCAP Part Number -



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  5. tombate911

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    2010 Clio RS200
    Been trying to find some information about these, I took my hub apart last weekend and the lower joint has a degree of rock in the swivel joint, should it be like that or should the lower joint just purely rotate?
  6. link

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    Clio 197 RB
    Time to jump on the bandwagon... Car failed MOT today on lower ball joint play, pretty pissed with clio as I've shelled out almost a grand now on cambelt, rear tyres, ball joints and soon to be front disks etc. :chair:

    Anyway to get back on topic called R sport today and should have two new shiny ball joints in the post tomorrow, made a start today stripping one side down:



    Handy torx head on the drop link:


    I've basically got every nut bolt and link apart except for separating the upper ball joint and the hub from the strut... Could do with some advice before I crack on tomorrow:

    How to get the bolt out of the back of the hub, ive got the nut off but the bolt won't budge or spin which makes me think it's slightly bent? Would dropping the whole strut out be easier?

    Also what's the easiest way to split the upper ball joint, ive been making do with some bearing pullers at mo. but might have to buy some decent ball joint splitters as it seems tough as old boots!

    Also the pinch bolt on the lower ball joint is well and truly rounded off, being a button head I can't even get mole grips on it, is it going to be a drill out job?

    Still got the other side to strip but hoping it won't take quite as long as today... Going to be left looking sorry for itself tonight!

  7. john_walker74

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    Milton Keynes
    Meg 250 cup
  8. link

    link Gold Member

    Clio 197 RB
  9. link

    link Gold Member

    Clio 197 RB
    Bit of an update... Popped down to Machine Mart and got a set of ball joint splitters which are spot on for the job so cheers to all. Ball joints turned up too which are the OCAP ones previously mentioned, I did contact ECP but they had none available...


    Soon had hub carrier off with the proper tools, had to drill the pinch bolt on both sides and it doesn't look like you can buy the bolt on its own from renault which is a bit odd, gonna replace it with a cap head anyway so at least it's got a chance of coming off next time.

    Only took a few hours on this side, just gotta pop to work later on and press the ball joints out etc.
  10. Daverb

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    Fife, Scotland
    Clio 197
    How hard was it to remove the hub carrier from the inner part?

    Are you going to replace the pinch bolt with a bolt?

    What condition is your support in that bolts to the carrier? They seem to seriously rust.
  11. link

    link Gold Member

    Clio 197 RB
    Splitting the hub apart wasn't too bad but it would gave been nigh on impossible without a ball joint separator...

    The pinch bolt is M8 x 40, ive fitted a new cap head bolt. The old ones were a bitch to drill out, had to use stud extractors and then give it some heat! The carriers are in decent nick it's just steel (hence the rust) compared to the ally hubs etc.


    New shiny ball joints now fitted, glad I've got access to a hydraulic press :thumb:
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  12. Daverb

    Daverb Paid Member

    Fife, Scotland
    Clio 197
    Daft question but how do you press the old one out? Can you get to the top of that.

    I'm sure my pinch bolts are pretty rusty. Wonder if its worth swapping them out now or just wait till I have to touch the hubs.
  13. link

    link Gold Member

    Clio 197 RB
    If you can get them loose without it rounding off I'd do it now, if they round off at least you know what your in for next time around.

    I'll post some more info about pressing them out later tonight, just trying to put car back together at the mo...
  14. Yiannis197

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    Clio R27
    Top effort there @link very well done. I can't tell from the picture but which jacking point did you use? Is this the back of the subframe? Which on a different note looks quite rusty as well.
  15. link

    link Gold Member

    Clio 197 RB
    Cheers, got it all done today so hopefully I can get it in for a retest tomorrow, yeah I tend to use the bolt on the back of the subframe for the trolley jack... I had it on axle stands too so the jack wasn't taking any weight at that point. I'm also quite surprised by some of the corrosion underneath but I suppose it's ten years old now... and French, lol.

    I'm not keen on the standard jacking points even using the naff scissor jack from the boot they look like a disaster waiting to happen. :shocked:
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  16. shauncr91

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    Clio 200 Cup, 500 Abarth.
    Did you apply wd40 with a power washer? :blush:
  17. link

    link Gold Member

    Clio 197 RB
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  18. MarcB

    MarcB Gold Member

    LY 197 F1 / Trophy / Escort RST
    Looks like these can now be bought direct from Renault dealers.

    Old part numbers for lower ball joint was 8200438088 but when you put this into the Renault parts system it was not listed and no information showed.

    Take the new numbers which I have found and they show on the Renault Uk parts system.

    7711167656 - Lower Ball Joint & 7711160423 - Upper Ball Joint

    Not cheap by any means and I have a funny feeling they are expensive and available now as they are fitted on the new Alpine.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 18.12.21.png Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 18.12.58.png
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  19. MarcB

    MarcB Gold Member

    LY 197 F1 / Trophy / Escort RST
    More of an update on this as above also.

    Clio 3 and Megane ball joints

    7711167656 - Lower ball Joint £81+vat
    7711160423 - upper ball joint £82+vat

    R sports (Clio cup) can do them for -
    Lower - £45+vat each
    Upper - £56+vat each

    John @ RSports 07990520010
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  20. Arch

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    Clio 197
    New to the site and just got a 197 which has a lower ball joint needing replaced do RSports have an email address or website there are a few bits I need for it. also don't seem to be able to access the how to guide above was looking for some info on how to get the hub off and the ball joint out.

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