iOS 6.1.3 drains my battery

Discussion in 'All things Apple' started by Marv, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Last few days have noticed a much faster drain on the battery since updating. Thought nothing of it until I was chatting to another iphone user who said the same thing.

    Has this happened to you?

  2. This happened with 6.1.1 as well. Looks like I'll skip this update for a couple of weeks till they fix it too.
  3. after one of the updates I lost wifi and bluetooth lol. Still havent got it back after restoring and doing every trick it says on the internet!!
  4. Stupid question - but have you tried closing all your apps?
  5. riddzz

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    I had this went to apple and had to have a full reset of my phone
    now sorted
  6. nick's

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    I now have to do this all the time, it's the worst it's ever been

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  7. Mentalpen

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    Not upgrading off 6.1.2 till the next JB
  8. Levene


    Its the same with my iphone 5 didnt think much of untill reading this !!
  9. Not a stupid question as I have met enough people who don't do this!!!

    Yes I close my apps. I would say battery drains about 25% quicker. Come on Apple, sort this out.
  10. Chrisgti6

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    Is it bad that i'm still on 5.0.1?!
  11. Do you still receive Morse code on that thing :smiley:
  12. Jburgess455


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    Haha love it^!!! The Samsung s4 is starting to tickle my fancy
  13. Still bad on the new IOS7 beta too guys just to forewarn you it won't get any better soon. H
  14. Mentalpen

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    Stop watching porn on it :wink:

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