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Discussion in 'All things Apple' started by Chris, Sep 9, 2014.

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    And Uk apple site keeps crashing by people going online to see if its in UK yet, making a iPhone 6 and a bigger iPhone 6 plus
  3. Chris

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    I managed to watch a lot of it in the end, looks really good.

    Also got the iWatch which looks awesome tbh.
  4. Fernandez

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    So from what I can see it still offers less features than phones already available on the market that are a fraction of the cost. But in true Apple style their clever marketing will ensure that people will still camp out for week to buy one.
  5. iAndy

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    If you want just a phone there are better ones out there, but if ya got a macbook, a ipad, ipod, then to get a different phone just complicates things. There operating system and the way different things will integrate just plain and simply works. I dunno if I will bother with the 6 as I have a 5S and a 5 for work, work contract is due soon so I don't wanna get a 6 for work and a 6 for myself. Would be pointless lol
  6. Chris

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    What less features?

    Im curious cos I'm thinking about upgrading to the 6, I currently have the 5.
  7. N0ddie

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    I tried android (went Galaxy S3) but found to get most things to work there was additional software and work a rounds required.

    Also found and still find on my mates Android phones is that they are pretty slow. Try to view pics on the memory card and it takes some time. It's not as see less as the experience on the SSD (though ridiculously expensive) hard disk space. Regardless of how "fast" the memory card you buy for your android phone, there will always be "delays".

    The one thing I did find going Galaxy S3 though was it had the perfect screen size. Good to see Apple embrace this in the 6.
  8. Fernandez

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    I'll just leave this here.... :wink:

  9. Chris

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    I had a Samsung Galaxy S in 2012 and it was the worst phone I've ever owned. Slow and annoying to use.

    I just went on the website who put that photo up, its an android based site so of course its going to be bias against apple...

  10. Fernandez

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    It all in a bit of fun. This banter happens every time Apple release a new phone.

    Looking at the features the watch does look pretty cool and as Andy says if you have an iPad, ibook and Apple TV then the functionality of the phone is great.

    Apple did lead the way with voice recognition but tbf they are behind with all the other tech that Android has been capable of for the last few years. The 6 also features a Samsung Chip at its heart which points towards their desire to compete on a level though.

    I'd totally buy into the brand and get a 6 if it proves to be the best phone all round in performance and features. It's a tough market out there and it'll be interesting to see what else is announced by the likes of LG and Samsung in the coming months.
  11. Chris

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    Well my contract is up this month so I've gotta decide quick, I just like the functionability of the iPhone, its user friendly.

    Of course the banter happens, same with anything that has competition :smiley:
  12. Lewj


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    nice design but from what i can gather nothing new. Apple just had to play catchup with this release anyway. i'm rocking a Oneplus one at the moment and its similar if not better specs than the iPhone 6plus. best bit is its 300 quid cheaper. Quite tricky to get hold of one though unless you're willing to buy from china as i did.

    iPhone 7 will be a real game changer.

  13. Meh. This is mostly cherry picked info. I could make one from 1996 that says 'able to send text AND multimedia messages, can make phone calls.. etc".

    I'm no fanboy for Apple by any stretch of the imagination, and (like ALL companies) they certainly have their failings. What they do very well (which the haters refuse to accept) is to churn out a consistent quality product. They're (relatively) glitch free, the OS just 'works' as do all their add ons and ancillaries. The reason for that is they spend a fortune on R&D, and they're almost unique in their sector in the way they go about selecting and approving their hardware and software partners so as to make sure that they also 'just work'. They do this for everything, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, Appstore etc. Anyone who's ever used an android and iphone for a period of time will tell you the quality of the apps available on the Appstore is MASSIVELY higher than whats available on Play. Granted, their functionality is more limited because Apple like to keep key things within their control but what you do get is a quality, consistent product, likewise any of their hardware.

    They also have slick marketing, and a good market share, which will always put off people who 'like to be different'. So what people do is wheel out the same old "it's too expensive", "all you're paying for is marketing", and "my phone could do that years ago", without understanding WHY apple do what they do, charge what they charge and are where they are.

    I'd love it if my iPhone could do some of the things I know android can (location based app control, better bluetooth/WiFi functionality etc.) but I know it would come at a cost of quality/reliability. Although, my main reason for still being with Apple is because all my music is on iTunes and I'm too lazy to switch to something else haha.

    That being said, when it's time to upgrade. I'll probably still go check out the new HTC and Samsung offerings (both good hardware suppliers), but I'll likely still buy the iPhone.
  14. Chris

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    Have to remember also, with the price of them, just like cars, they hold more value.

    My 5 is going to be worth around £200-£250 when I come to resell it, but how old would a 2 year old android be worth now? A lot less I imagine.

    I paid £100 for it 2 years ago, along with £35 a month contract.
  15. steve32c


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    Apple may play catch up with some things but when they do it's a quality well put together package and the rest of the world take's note and tries to snipe at a product they know is far superior to their rushed out products

    Above all else apple.... it just works.
  16. Rogue

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    They're no different. It's not like Apple build the parts, they buy them in and assemble them.

    Their pricing for the iPhone however is bloody ridiculous.
  17. steve32c


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    It works for them
  18. Fernandez

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    They do look a quality piece of kit and I mean 'look'. The design is the seller here. Cracked screen anyone
  19. LukeRS


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    Same here.

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