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    Long story short I bought this 200 back in 2012 from the first owner so have all the documentation for it (love documentation me!) used it daily on a very short commute it was always detailed every week, garaged every night....

    Sold it the end of 2012 to buy an Elise....

    Forward 4 years and I started to look around for a Renault Sport again in 2016...and what do you know I found my old 200 up for sell so here it is again and back in my ownership from October last year, its a second car now so purely a garage queen!.

    My plan was to modify it 'slightly' its only going to be a road car, no track days.

    So it all started in 2012, first mods were a a piper cross air filer, upgraded silver vision bulbs, Philips bulbs and after destroying my arm doing this upgraded all the interior bulbs to led lights and in 2012 this is how she looked after a massive detailing session (iphone 4 pictures sorry)


    So fast forward 4 odd years and she looked exactly the same the 2 owners since me had been very kind to her and added hardly any miles very much loved as I did.

    The guy who bought it from me took it to Renault and had the led lights swapped out for originals, probably not a fan of the chavvy leds!.

    Tyres when replaced were done correctly and replaced with like for like so conti's all round still and good tread.

    My first mod on it in 2016 again removing the normal interior bulbs and number plate bulbs and replaced with chavvy led bulbs...i like them.

    Second mod was to remove the clio lettering on the boot, quick and simple job - boot polished and it was like it never existed.

    Third mod was to add the black badge covers, again a controversial mod it appears on here...lots of hate for them - so ordered a set rear one was installed easy job...and yeh I like it.

    Front fit...nuts. Email to ebay seller and he said its not happened before, however quick search on here tells me its quite common the centre diamond is to deep. He sent a replacement, fit a bit better, but still required sanding down a tad - so that was done and fitted - i like them.

    Fourth mod black centre caps on the speedlines, why oh why did Renault install ebay to the rescue and installed them very happy for £8.

    Fifth mod and the terrible gear knob has to replaced with an official RS one from RPD...expensive yes indeed, but worth every penny to me.

    So car was due a service shortly and cambelt change...ouch, so started getting prices etc and started to think what did i want to change on it.

    Fate is a funny thing Ktec had a 10% off offer one friday afternoon so I put my money where my mouth was and ordered a Akrapovic evolution exhaust, roll cage, 2 x harness, K Tec induction kit, braided hoses and car was booked in also for cambelt change and full service and the cam upgrade package, read lots of interesting thought on the cams, but decided im doing it as the cam belt needed to be done - having read some horror stories about K Tec, I was hesitant to be honest, but I had used them in the past for service and a remap and they were fine ,plus they are not a million miles away from me.

    Long story short I never heard from K Tec for a few weeks, to be fair they said the exhaust and cage would be an order and can take 6 weeks, which was not an issue for me and willing to wait to get the savings.

    Sadly, K Tec dropped the ball and they took my order, but never actually ordered the exhaust..or the roll cage on my first contact...

    To be fair they apologised and admitted they dropped the ball got everything ordered up for me and booked the car in for the work forward to January and car was dropped to k Tec the manager came out to have a quick chat as the guy I saw was saying to me about how the rear seats from my clio would have to be posted or collected after removing the manager said, no get the guys to remove them now so I could take them in the loan car, 15 mins later all done and I very nervously said goodbye to me car and given what I can only describe as the most evil 1.2 Clio I had ever driven...jesus it was horrible.

    So first day of them working on my car I got a call, they inspected the car and rear brake was binding so suggested they could clean it up for me so I agreed and they advised my manifold is on its way out, not immediately, but will sadly need replacing eventually, but would not cause an issue for the remap etc. They also said I can give you a quote and options for the manifold.

    K tec posted photos of the work on my car on their FB page which I agreed to before hand, so I saw what it was like before collection, sadly they never actually called me to say 'hey its ready to collect...' so I rang them to ask and they said 'oh yeh its ready for you all your old parts are bubble wrapped and boxed will get them put in your car ready for collection', in my opinion they should have called me to confirm it was all done after all I was spending a small fortune - also I never got a quote for the had to chase this.

    So it was arranged I was supposed to collect my car on saturday morning, life being what it is I could not pick it up due to my wife having to work so a panic phone call to K Tec at 5:40 friday night and they were more than happy to let me keep the loan car until the monday arrived and I very nervously drove to K Tec.

    When I say nervous, I was'nt really sure what to expect modified cars in my opinion can sometimes be a little to 'far' for my personal liking and the cams what were they really like, how loud would the induction be...blah blah blah! much am I spending....blah blah blah.

    So I arrived to pickup my car and yeh I was happy roll cage looks nuts in the flesh, really just looks at home in the 200 with the recaro's, so I payed the bill and eventually he mentioned they had some quotes for the manifold, we went to the car and none of the parts are in the he apologised and took my car to the garage to load them up, so I had to help load the car up with the parts I did'nt mind, but really?

    Also I had to ask for my old cams and they 'had to find them' which felt a bit odd to me, almost felt like they were hoping I would leave them - maybe that was just me though, so eventually car loaded and I began my nervous ride home...

    Yeh forgot being nervous very quickly, the Akro is a real Jekyll and Hyde...foot down and its noisy, cruise...hardly hear it...foot down and noisy...yeh love it to bits immediately.

    As for the induction kit well hard to say whats Akro noise vs the induction kit noise as a combo it works and its not to loud and no droning.

    I know for the money I spent it should feel like a very different car and I can honestly say it certainly does, I was smiling all the way home (I rarely crack a smile).

    Another controversial one is the K Tec remaps, like I said I had one done before and it was fine. The one on the Clio (thus far ha ha) appears fine to first run it made 192 BHP which is the figure I was hoping for, after it made 206 so to me that's what I expected, I have read lots about K Tec giving stupid figures, but to me its a good solid figure - they never made any stupid promise like it would be 225BHP.

    So here she is photos from K Tec..






    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    So in process now I have a cup spoiler sat in the car, painted in gloss black ready for fitting just waiting on local garage to do it for me. Will post updated photo when in place.

    The nicer weather will see a full machine correction detail...cant wait!.

    Sorry for the long and maybe boring post..
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    Looks good, that's some amount of money you've spend in one go! Shame about the customer service though... I've experienced the same recently (not with K-Tec though) and although the work I had done was good, the communication etc was less than stellar and therefore I won't be going back.
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    Yeh sadly ive been happy with the work, but just let down a bit - If i was spending a small amount ok, I met overlook it, but spending large (well large for me!) you expect a minimum amount from them.

    To be fair when i was ringing around about the cambelt service two big names that come up on here a lot didnt even reply to my phones calls and multiple emails which is a pity, by the way i'm under no illusion they are garages and in reality I think i expect a bit much!
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    Boring post? Hardly!
    You lucky bugger, nice treat for your 'road car' - track action soon? :wink:
    As I am obsessed with this at the moment, how bad is the drone at 70? :tongueout:
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    I'm relatively new to this Ktec marmite issue but have to say...this report doesn't do their customer service any favours....

    You had to chase them up, stuff they promised wasn't there, dropping the ball and admitting it numerous times, with no report of any discount? you're already spending a wad of money in one go and they give out the usual "oh this needs doing that needs doing too"

    Personally I'd be pushing for a discount for all their "ball droppings" or a freebie of some sort quickly followed by a stay the hell away attitude from me

    But....that's a nice "slightly" modified 200 so good work :thumbsup:
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    I am thinking of sending an email to them, like I said on the whole im happy with the work done and did get a fair discount on parts.
  7. kevlar

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    No track days for me, shes a garage queen/toy car, Im very happy with her thus far and no drone just a very nice noise.
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    Long post, yes. Boring post, not at all!

    That's a big old outlay you've had there. Glad to hear you're as thrilled with the results as you should be.

    As for KTEC's rollers... given your mods, the figure seems about right. Proves they don't always go crazy!

    Loved the whole story mate. Nice one.
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    Car looks good. Glad you're pleased with it. K-tek do seem to be a bit "Marmite", but I can't see that they'd be in business if they were as bad as some people lead folk to believe. Your power figures seem quite realistic too which seems to be something that K-tek have an "iffy" reputation on. As long as it's running well & you're happy that is all that matters. Enjoy.
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    Lovely slight mods you've made. Shame about the customer service. In this day and age with the money you were parting with you have every right to be peeved imo
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    Gordini #47
    Only problem with that method is they've got your money now, so all they could do is give future discount perhaps if they wanted. Which is why I'd have kicked off before making payment lol.

    But you're happy with the work done and the price so really that's all that matters. :track::thumb:
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  12. kevlar

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    Ive actually just sent them an email, I wasnt really happy with the price ...wife less so :chair:
  13. kevlar

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    Thanks yeh I thought in fairness I had to share my results as to me 'the novice' they appear to be realistic to me.
  14. kevlar

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    Just sent them an email, its such a big thing for me Im not rich I saved my nuts off to get it done even sold my Imac and some other stuff.
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  15. kevlar

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    My thoughts exactly having used them in the past they were ok for me, I wouldnt have to drive a million miles away to and as you said the figures are actually realistic.
  16. Gordini

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    Interesting write up and thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm still waiting for a quote frim KTEC for some work I enquired about in October! Still, it seems your wait was worthwhile. I remember seeing your car on Facebook so it's good to see who owns it. :smile:
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    Maybe they just pay more attention when someone a bit more serious turns up.

    Where as if you turn up calling the employees "middle ages men" they just take your money, tell you 204bhp on a standard engine and send you on your way!


    Whatever, looks correct and I'm sure she goes well!
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  18. kevlar

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    Yeh good luck with that wait, if you want the quote call them again if not walk away - I have emailed K Tec about my 'experience'
  19. kevlar

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    Are you saying im not 'serious' :yum: - yeh maybe if I turned up to buy one of the Trophy R's on the forecourt maybe...

    Yeh she goes very well indeed, im very happy with the car. :sunglasses:
  20. kevlar

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    Had a reply back from the 'top monkey' there, he was not impressed with the level of service and will come back to me...

    I really hate to complain, I work in application support so know only to well about people and their 'feedback' !. It's one of those things the more I think about it the more it has annoyed me I tried to be objective the work seems good and they were helpful in some ways, bit massive let down in others.

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