My 200 cup deep black

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by Jamesb93, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Christopher

    Christopher Paid Member

    200 Clubsport
    Looks great!

    ...would be even better with genuine wheels, but I'm just a snob. I understand why people buy reps.
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  2. Jamesb93

    Jamesb93 Gold Member

    Gillingham, Kent
    clio 200 cup
    Just a little update for you guys. Fitted the spax coilovers yesterday and my god what a difference! Both front springs had snapped so they definitely needed changing

    At the moment I've left the settings as detailed in the instructions and i'd say for town driving they are perfect however I will be adjusting them before my ring trip next month!

    All in all very satisfied with them so far and had minimal dramas with fitting so a big thumbs up for now

    Next up is fitting the manifold, powerflex bushes and a revamp of the break system so plenty more still to do.... I'm keep you all posted any questions fire away guys .....
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  3. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    Nice one mate - bet that's made a huge difference from standard and broken springs to adjustable coilies!!

    Get some pictures up :smile:
  4. sevenfourate

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    Lowestoft, England.
    Racing Blue RS-200

    THIS !

    WHERE'S THE LOWS ? :smile:
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  5. Jamesb93

    Jamesb93 Gold Member

    Gillingham, Kent
    clio 200 cup
    Sorry guys I been really busy as of late so I haven't really had much time one here! It's not the greatest photo but you can see the difference!


    Having a bit of trouble setting them up though, after a bit more driving I've noticed that the tyres rub on the arch on heavy load, trying to adjust them is a nightmare to get right! After doing a bit more research I think it might be a case of changing the wheels☹ the wheels are 17x8 et35 which from what I've read is not too great? I have the original cup alloys which will need a respray but thinking just chuck them back on with new tyres.

    Also another thing that is bugging me which I need opinions on really is the lower bolts on the rear shocks, as you can see there is more gap on one side but both bolts are fully tightened! Is this something I should be worried about or not really?
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  6. Micah

    Micah Clumsy McButterfingers Gold Member

    Medway, Kent
    Clio 200
    No comment on the rear dampers mate, I wouldn't know, but would recommend Inspraytion in Rochester to get your wheels done. Check out my progress thread to see the job they did on mine - £50 a wheel.

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