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    I've done a fair bit of reading through the threads on here and have gauged that you guys are noticing real benefits from fitting Powerflex parts to the engine, gearbox etc - albeit there can be some initial vibrations. I notice on supplier websites there quite a few a Powerflex parts for the Clio 200, would someone be able to highlight / give a run down on the top 3 parts for example that they feel are of real benefit.



  2. Jimmy

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    The majority of people have gone with:
    • lower engine mount
    • upper torque mount
    • gearbox mount
    This combo seems to work the best and give the best feelings of tightness, solidity etc. They also help prolong the life of the manifold, the flexis of which are a weak point - excessive engine movement causes them to fail, so having the uprated mounts works as a preventative measure. Cost-wise, they are well worth it.

    Some have gone with the upper engine mount as well, however this is the one that causes the most vibrations... A lot have then taken this one off, but not noticed any disadvantage, especially if they have the above three installed already.

    I hope that helps :smile:
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    Clio RS 200
    I have all 3 of the powerflex engine mounts and the gearbox mount. Made a massive difference and the engine felt much stronger after I had fitted them. They do vibrate a fair bit, to start with I thought my dash and steering wheel was about to fall apart. However, after a few 100 miles they calm down a little (not much though)!
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    Thanks very much for the replies, Jimmy and Hyde200! Much appreciated.

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    albi blue 197 with boost
    echo above...:thumb:
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  7. Jimmy

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    Hi Lewis, yeah they are the ones you need :thumb:

    Very happy to help out, I'm glad the information was useful. That's what we're here for, feel free to ask about anything.
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