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  1. Before I phone up my local dealership I was wondering if anyone has had any joy with the wear on their recaros being covered under warranty? I know my last car only had a year or two warranty on the interior and was wondering what renaults is? The usual, worn out on the drivers bolster :worried: been like it for a while but have been putting it off!
    Cheers for any help

  2. Giles


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    What year is your clio?
  3. Chrisgti6

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    If I remember correctly you have a 2010 white 200?

    If so then you are still under warranty so they should cough up.
  4. It was first registered in June 2010 so it's still inside the warranty. I was just curious whether the warranty would cover the interior still. I hope it does as a replacement is £350 :/
    Very good memory though buddy, I'm impressed lol
  5. Mentalpen

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    Some dealers will replace it, some will ask RUK and some will say no and leave you to ask RUK.

    Enough have been replaced without issue, however many have had issues and some refused but i'd ring the dealer up before going so you know where you stand. Then go to one that has dealt with it before and will ok it to save time/hassle.

    Having said that if you have done say 1000 miles in 2.8 years then they would have a good case to say its your fault. If you get my drift.
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    You could get a leather and alcantara re-trim for less per seat. Have a look in Edge Automotive Interiors section as I believe they are doing a group buy you may be able to get in on.
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    I had mine replaced when around 40 months old as i had extended the renault warenty to 4 years.

    Was an hell of a struggle though, car had around 30k miles on it and renault UK said it should last 100k so offered me a 70% payment towards the cost of replacement, over £500 for the part (upright) and fitting.

    I had to fight to get a better deal of 90% so i had to pay around £60 for it but i have heard/read of folks getting 100% so get a claim in.

    What bugs me though is if renault say it should last 100k miles and it has'nt, it's failed, why should i have to pay?
  8. Just thought I'd up date this to say I've had my seat base replaced under warranty with my local dealership. Also had part of the heating instrument replaced on the dash as the lights weren't working properly! No dramas whatsoever with the seat being carried out under warranty.

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