Suspension Ball Joint - Need to ID the part

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  1. Elviic

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    Hi all

    I had an advisory on my MOT saying "Nearside Front Suspension component ball joint dust cover severely deteriorated panhard rod".

    Took the wheel off and had a look around and saw this part - please see the photos.

    Is this the part they are talking about? This was the only one with a broken dust cover.

    Can anyone get me the part No. and also, has anyone done it themselves? Does not look too hard of a DIY tbh.

    IMG_0370.JPG IMG_0371.JPG

  2. Sherlock101

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    That part looks right, if in doubt go to Renaltpartsdirect to find the right part number, then go to eBay to get it a fraction of the price

    I’ve changed this part recently, pretty easy, just jack car up/use lift, support hub to reduce the angles on the joint, unbolt, replace, torque back up! Might be worth doing the ARB linkage and tie rod end as well as they’ll probably all need doing soon if one is gone. All pretty easy to do!

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  3. Foxspeed

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    "anti rotation link" is what it is called.....not hard to change & not that expensive to get if you search on here for part numbers

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