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  1. Right guys I'm confused!

    My 197 currently has 17 inch standard wheels, M14x1.5 bolts with a 19mm hex head and a 60 degree wobbly collar.

    I bought a set of wheels to run while I refurb my standard ones. They are 18 inch with a pcd of 5x108.
    I also bought spigot rings (73.1 to fit the inner bore of the wheel) to (60.1 to fit the hub on the car).
    I got some M14x1.5 bolts with a 60 degree collar that are tuner bolts (internal drive) because the diameter of the bolt holes on the new wheels is too small for a 19mm hex socket to fit in without scraping the paint off the inside. They don't have a wobbly collar though like the ones I currently have fitted.

    Came to fit the new wheels yesterday and I can only get 3 out of 5 bolts in through the wheel to the hub....

    The wheels are definatly 5x108 I had them measured by a local alloy dealer and I've had them fitted with the original bolts.

    Could it be the fact that my original bolts have a wobbly collar and the tuner bolts don't that's causing the problem?

    I know you have probably had this before but I've searched previous posts for similar ans can't find anything.

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  2. NickD

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    Did you resolve this?
  3. turkie172

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    Your confusing the hell out of me. The temp wheels are 5x108 do the original bolts thread and heads fit through the holes and stick out the right amount at the back as the original wheels do, so to go into the hubs (enough thread to be safe)

    Then why would you buy 20 new bolts when all you need was a thinner walled socket to tighten the bolts up

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