Yiannis' Albi Blue R27.

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    albi blue 197 with boost
    spot on Yiannis..always enjoy your yearly Euro update..car is going strong too..glad you had a such a great time..

  2. Yiannis197

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    Clio R27
    Really? How come you sold mate? A friend of mine has an audi S1 and I went for a run a few years back. Not a fan of the power delivery though, too extreme for such a car but again, it might have been the mapping or the fact that he was running big power.

    haha I was only referring to other Lotuses mate and not to the Clio, it'd be rude to compare a clio with a V6 exige anyway! The point I was trying to make is that the V6 is 400 kgs heavier than an S1 and that car was running more than twice the power and torque. 410 is a ballpark figure, he hasn't dyno'd his car and as you say, it might be more. I'll message him for details out of curiosity:smile:

    There were no geo issues mate, his car was prepared for the trip from the bests in the field apparently and he was running on corsas not tropheos. These were the tyres the car came with and they were brand new. Not sure what Johnny Pits was doing and how many miles per day they were driving and what power he is running etc but believe me when I'm saying this, the V6 was going bold on tyres very early on the trip. The owner is a very good peddler and 250 miles per day going aggressive on the passes is a recipe for tyre destruction.

    As I said, same story for the S1 running 300bhp at the wheels, they are preserving the tyres to last. Back in 2010 we were looking for tyres in the middle of the trip for another guys s2 exige running a bit shy of 300bhp. We couldnt so he had to pay a hefty premium for them to be sent straight form the UK! This kind of power on such trips is lethal for the tyres...the way we drive and the mileage we do anyway. On the contrary, the honda S1 was absolutely flying everywhere and no issues whatsoever. It's the power/torque and for the V6, the weight for sure.

    Funny you say that, the targa 4s guy only brought that car on the trip because...his 280 bhp s2 exige broke down 4 days before the trip! And he was gutted even though the porker held its weight magnificently at the trip, we were all pleasantly surprised. And god it was quick, twin turbo 440bhp all wheel drive, flooring it on the hairpin and simply said...see you later! Not slow on the narrow passes either, quite impressed tbh.

    Mate, you need to come with us one year, honestly. And it's not hardcore at all, I did it back in 2010 as a passenger in my mate's S1. It was awesome:smile:
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    Clio 200 GW slightly modified - member of Team Black Diamond.
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    R27, ///M CS, Exige V6
    All these years as a Lotus fan I've never heard of such tyre issues. Maybe it says more about the speeds you guys were going I don't know. Thinking about some of the videos I've seen... quite possibly! Otherwise, all very surprising. Maybe most people only use them for weekend blasts and don't push them as far/hard as your mates.

    Can tell you know, if I came on one, I'd be in the BMW :smiley: No way I'd fancy doing all that in the Lotus! I'm probably too old :smiley:
  5. Yiannis197

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    Clio R27
    Poor you Mes, if you don't get your V6 to the Alps you'll get a brilliantly modified E36 CS, tut tut tough life!:smile:

    Hopefully you'll join us one year my friend, too see what the fuss is all about.

    Talking of fuss, here is me running over that rock!

    Spoke to the V6 owner by the way, he had the car done at Hoffmans at a cost of £9k on top of the full spec V6 350 sport price. He doesn't know anything about spec though.
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    R27, ///M CS, Exige V6
    Oh mate that's HARSH!!! Shows how quick things can happen, you didn't have time. Bet you had just enough time to think "OH SHIT" and that was it. Painful!

    I've done a good chunk of the areas you visit mate, I know how incredible it is! Definitely game one day, just need to get my life in order. 100% would do the old man bit and take the BMW though :smiley:

    And then probably kick myself because I've got back ache because the seats are crap!

    Your mate with the 350, that's the Simply Sports Cars TVS1900 conversion almost certainly. Unless there's a step in between. I'd reckon on a lot more than 410 if it is. This is only me going off seeing one up against a Komotec 460 and if anything it looked a bit faster. Car must be pretty mental. Too quick for the road really.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, is this your first time with the diff on one of these trips? Footage looked ace, I swear you can see it working. And how was driving around the flat spot? Car sounds absolutely brilliant now. Proper old school rally character to it. Perfect.
  7. Yiannis197

    Yiannis197 Paid Member

    Clio R27
    Yes mate, it was harsh and I nearly cried, I didn't want to believe it, especially after deciding NOT to take my spare raider wheel wrapped in a AD08r due to weight....not doing that again!

    Diff is immense mate and you are right, first time on such a trip and god it was working. Brake, point the corner and full throttle. Flat spot was not noticeable as the car was always above 3k rpm so no real issues there. Regarding the sound, people could not stop complimenting how great the car now sounds, I remember one day I stopped for some pics and the rest of the group stopped a bit further down the pass for a coffee break. When they heard a car steaming through the pass they didn't know what was coming as - to use their words - "we though it was a race car" lol.

    More footage then:smile:

    A cross country in France video with a 260 Exige;

    Going through the single carriage Livigno tunnel from Switzerland to Italy filming the big boys, that soud was so loud that my ear popped and I had to close the windows...

    And the most hilarious video, edited by theTOAD TV guys, ff to 5:40 to see me interviewing and straight to the end for the cars presentation.

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    R27, ///M CS, Exige V6
    Awesome awesome post mate. Vids are brilliant. External mic works well too. Proper pro presentation, too much hanging round with Diz, must be rubbing off on you!


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