Blown shock after <5k miles?!?!

Discussion in 'Suspension, Brakes & Steering' started by Sherlock101, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Sherlock101

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    Clio 200
    I fitted new front shocks to my 200 (full fat w/ cup pack) in June, and have covered a few thousand miles since then. Today I took the car for a drive after a weeks holiday to make sure everything was ok, and when I got out I noticed a fluid on the inside of the drivers side wheel. On closer inspection I found oil all over the shock and covering a lot of the wheel well! I didn’t hit any potholes on my drive today, so did I just get sold a dodgy shock? It was bought new!!
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  2. Dumdum

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    near mansfield, notts
    Renault Clio RS200 CUP/fiat ducato campervan
    you get faulty parts from anything, that's what a warranty is for, return it to Renault parts direct or take it into a Renault dealership for a free labour and parts warranty (providing they don't find anything incorrect with your fitting obviously)

    Peugeot used to offer this service with genuine parts as long as it wasn't an issue with fitting... ie your fault... not sure if Renault offer the same, but id presume so...
  3. -Eddie-

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    200 Cup
    As above. You’ll get parts warranty (for 12 months) so long as a manufacturing defect can be identified.

    Not sure how it will work with a shock though as Renaults repair method says both should be replaced.
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