Steering issues in fast left handers

Discussion in 'Suspension, Brakes & Steering' started by Josh Hill, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Josh Hill

    Josh Hill Paid Member

    Hi all,

    Strange issue plaguing my 197...only noticeable in fast left hand bends, it’s like a strange tugging at the wheel where you can feel almost the steering angle changing whilst the wheel is held still!

    Quite unnnerving and right handers are ok.

    Swivel joints feel ok, track rod end ball joint and wishbone ball joints ok too as are the top mounts and shocks/springs.

    So what’s the most likely culprit - inner track rod or rack? I’ve read about replacing some kind of bush in the rack?

    I don’t think it’s an alignment issue something definitely has some kind of give in it to give me that pulling feeling.

    Just to note I get no knocking clunking or bad suspension noises ever.

    Sorry this is fairly vague and possibly hard to diagnose.

  2. Andy1max

    Andy1max Paid Member

    Not a Clio yet
    I’ve got the same problem with turning right, when I had the springs fitted the garage noted the bottom swivel bearings had play, I’ve since had a creaking from one side. I’m getting it looked at Friday I’ll let you know if they cure the problem
  3. Dumdum

    Dumdum Gold Member

    near mansfield, notts
    Renault Clio RS200 CUP/fiat ducato campervan
    As an aside, don’t forget that when jacked up to feel for play it’s very possible you won’t feel anything as the loading and therefore the location of worn areas doesn’t sit in alignment and in fact there may still be play that you can’t feel, disassembly is the only way to truly check in that instance

    As an example Peugeot 207 bottom arms settle in a locked position on jacking them up so you can’t feel any play... but I’ve lost count of the times a car has had a knocking and the bottom arm was the culprit... similar with top mounts also, jacking them up presents a completely different load to the top mount as well
  4. lewishunter98

    lewishunter98 Paid Member

    Racing Blue Clio 197
    I've a similar issue on mine, and i've near on enough replaced everything on mine. Tempted to get powerflex bushes for my wishbone or something too. Do you know if it's the subframe has to be dropped on the clios to get the wishbone out mate?

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