200 Cup pics?

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  1. Bemo2000


    Clio 200 cup
    B3CEE43F-9CFC-44F9-86E8-63CC677F0F9D.jpeg D1E61129-C755-4DA5-A6AB-63F6017A1A54.jpeg 0901EE50-9DD1-438C-8259-47B750D93899.jpeg D1E61129-C755-4DA5-A6AB-63F6017A1A54.jpeg First post, picked this up a couple of weeks ago. Deep clean today with this weather. I wondered if anyone else has had leather seats,carbon id pack, original sat nav? (Nimbus silver I believe)
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  2. link

    link Gold Member

    Clio 197 RB
    Did they do a 200 lux? If not that's a pretty rare combo. :thumb:
  3. Beany

    Beany Platinum Member

    RB 200 cup
    Welcome.. :french:
    it’s got plenty of options.. I’m not aware of any other member with all those specific options but there are those with some of them..
  4. Bemo2000


    Clio 200 cup
    I’m not sure about a 200 lux? Can’t seem to find anything.
    Ooo... Options :openmouth::hearteyes:

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