GW 197 track build - New horn bracket and bumper brackets

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  1. cliokam

    cliokam Paid Member


    Current spec

    - Brembo/renaultsport HC discs
    - Feroddo ds2500 pads
    - Braided brake lines (jade developments)
    - Motul RBF 660

    Suspension & chassis
    - Bilstein cup racer coilovers
    - Cup racer camber adjustable top mounts with plates welded into chassis (jade developments)
    - Rear camber and toe shims (jade developments)
    - 20mm spacers on the front

    Engine and drivetrain
    - Toyosports manifold
    - Decat
    - Scoropion resonated cat back
    - V6/ cup racer airbox
    - Power flex black upper torque mount
    - Powerflex black lower torque mount
    - Powerflex black gearbox mount
    - 200 gearbox

    - 7.5J speedline in white on yokohama ad08-r
    - 7.5J speedling in black on Toyo Proxes R888R

    Other bits and bobs
    - Odyssey pc680 battery in the boot
    - Cup spoiler
    - Cobra Suzuka driver seats
    - sabelt 6 point harness
    - all carpets and sound deadening/tar removed
    - sun strip

    Plans for the future
    - gripper diff
    - powerflex bushes in the wishbones and arb
    - roll cage
    - possibly cup ee bracket (roll centre correction.

    I finally upgraded from my non sport a couple of weeks ago, her replacement? a lovely gw 197 cup! very pleased with it!

    my old car

    i sold the wheels and coilovers this weekend and now shes looking a bit sorry for herself waiting for new struts.

    anyway onto the new car..

    gave it a clean.. i know the pics are terrible, i will take better pictures soon.


    then the flexi pipes decided to give up on me so i bought a new toyosports manifold



    it sounds great, they should of came from thr factory sounding like this! it is knocking on my subframe however so im going to invest in a new lower dogbone mount and hopefully that will cure the problem, i might even try and machine my own mount, we'll see.

    and the finally this morning i decided to pinch the silvervisions out of the old car...

    de tangoed :smiley:

    that is all for now :smile:

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  2. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    really nice manifold there..does it sound better??what happened to ur old one??
  3. LukeRS


    GW 200
    Looks good, a nice progression.
  4. cliokam

    cliokam Paid Member

    The flexi pipes on the old manifold were knackered, as you can see from the picture the outside completely came off. It sounds much better! Gives it a deep more purposeful sound and a few pops but only when you give it a bit, otherwise its pretty quiet. The build quality on it was decent as well, was pleasantly surprised because of how cheap it was, the only downside is the knocking but better mounts and maybe a small notch should solve that, its also a bitch to fit, not hard but takes for ever and some of the bolts can be a bit stubborn, I ended up paying someone to do it for me Lol.
  5. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    looks it the one from ebay for £238??
  6. cliokam

    cliokam Paid Member

    That's the one mate although I'm pretty sure it was 228 I paid
  7. Nice! A sound clip / video is in order!
  8. cliokam

    cliokam Paid Member

    yes you are right!


    the video isn't great, in person it pops and crakkles more/louder.

    The manifold was knocking of my subframe a lot thanks to worn engine mounts so i replaced my upper torque bar and lower mount with powerflex black series bushings and inserts

    They are supposedly meant for track but i thought they will be fine on the road, there is a bit of vibration through the dash on startup and when pulling away or reversing but its nothing i cant live with... but then i used to have a e36 with a welded diff and i never thought that was too bad either so the vibration would probably drive some people mad.

    met up with billyfahey and we gave the cars a clean..

    I do love UR.
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  9. cliokam

    cliokam Paid Member

    Been mega busy with work lately but heres a few updates...

    picked these up last week ... they are simos topmounts... just need to order some coilovers now, should probably happen in the next month or two, think i will go with spax as i had them on my last car and they were brilliant and the few reviews on here suggest they are good too.


    and then i sprayed the spare speedling white because i thought it would look pretty mean...

    which it did :smiley:, so i sprayed the others white as well..

    cleaned, sanded down
    cleaned again

    masked and primered

    base coat (just went for glacier white)

    laquered and left to dry

    and the outcome

    love it personally, just highlighted the need for lows and spacers even more but should it look good when it happens..

    just have one wheel left to do tomorrow.
  10. Gez

    Gez Moderator & South Wales Rep

    Boost Box
    White on White is full of win on those, proper Cup racer look
  11. cliokam

    cliokam Paid Member

    thats why i love it! i was on the hunt for some cup racers but this will do for now as coilovers are taking priority over wheels. my front left spring has snapped, cup racers will be one of my next purchases though
  12. Fernandez

    Fernandez Gold Member

    Ches Vegas
    Project Lotus is go
    love the white on white, looks much better. You have to ditch the Linglongs though.
  13. Gez

    Gez Moderator & South Wales Rep

    Boost Box
    Agreed, you have to make the most of these cars with their handling, get some good tyres on it :smile:
  14. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    to be honest?? absolutely spot on..u've done a really outstanding job on them wheels..i've done mine a few times so know how much muscle work u put into this..the car is a beauty itself...have u got a link to them top mounts,please?
    on the other hand i would be a bit hesitant to fit any spacers..had some 20mm on my 197 and didnt feel got rid of them.thats another 40mm for the front axle to deal no mechanic/engineer but just speaking from my own experience..
  15. cliokam

    cliokam Paid Member

    Haha dw the linglong was on the spare wheel, it's only on there while I do the last wheel, it came with Dunlop sp sport max or something along those lines on all four corners, I was planning on getting some nankang ns2 r through you but think I've left it a bit late, I imagine they aren't great in wet which is all that's left to come in the following months, any recommendations on tyres for the winter?
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  16. cliokam

    cliokam Paid Member

    Thanks bud, first time i have had a to at any proper painting, absolute nightmare sanding in all the little gaps, especially as I'm such an impatient person as well xD. I don't I'm afraid, I woul contact simo but I bought these of someone else. And I understand where you are coming from, would put more force on te bearings etc but I want to run a bit of camber up front, not as aggressive as the bon sport though, that was -3 front and -4 38" rear, will probably o for around -2 or so on this one, I also read somewhere the cup racecars run a spacer set up somewhere, by sure if its true though, ill give it a go anyway abd see what happens, they sit too far in as it is already and it will only look worse once lowered
  17. jimpy9


    RS Clio 200T

    Lovit bit fella whit on white looks ace. Same as my old cup use to be. I'm thinking of doing my 200t wheels white
  18. White on White looks good! Good luck keeping them clean though!
  19. cliokam

    cliokam Paid Member

    Nice, if its white do it! the White clio4 cup racers look awsome!

    Thanks, i know tell me about it, i drove to the shop and back the other day when only the rears were painted and when i got back they were a mess, and thats on the back, luckily they are all sealed and waxed though :smile:, dust just wiped off.

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