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  1. Just wanted to say a big thanks to David from K-Tec who has bought my car. The process was very smooth and quick and it was a pleasure, which you don't normally say in relation to this process. It goes tomorrow after 5 years of trouble free ownership. Hope the next owner enjoys it and looks after it as much as I have. Thanks again David it was a pleasure doing business with you.

  2. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

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  3. Matt W

    Matt W

    Renaultsport Megane 250
    People might say bad things about them, but my part-exchange process for the megane went perfectly. Was a real joy to deal with a renaultsport enthusiast too!
  4. Lucas200


    AG Clio 200
    I've had a completely different experience. After David promising to buy my car and asking for bank details etc, he went from saying he didnt know when he could pick it up to completely ignoring me. A very poor way to treat anyone. I was a bit gobsmacked that KTEC of all people would treat me this way.
  5. Kazumz


    Clio RS 200 Gordini

    My tce ran lean for 6 months and was very poorly when I gave it back to Renault to swap it for my 200 Gordini.

    Suprised I had a car to trade back to them. The first 10 pulls after having it remapped was fun though, but died after that.
  6. Kojack


    Clio 197 F1
    I popped in there this week. The guys were helpful and actually advised i went for some cheaper parts. I also got some discount after pushing a bit. All in i thought they were good. Fitting all the parts myself though so cannot comment on their workshop. Really liked the wheels on the supercharged F1 in the showroom but £1500 on essentially a vanity item (wheels plus tires) would see me needing a new wife.
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  7. James17

    James17 Gold Member

    AG 200
    i traded my old 197 in with them for my alien green 200 and everything was great, really good guys i found to buy cars off!
  8. kevlar

    kevlar Gold Member

    Seat Ateca...WTF happened.
    I had my Twingo 133 serviced and remapped there - no problems, also previously my Clio 200 serviced there. My 200 is now booked in for quite a bit of work end of this month - always find them ok to deal with, except they did cock up ordering my exhaust and roll cage, they did admit it was a communication issue their side to be fair, which resulted in me having to wait over a month to get it booked in.
  9. kevlar

    kevlar Gold Member

    Seat Ateca...WTF happened.
    Thought I would add an update here, since my last post its been with K Tec twice and I had several issues all with the ordering, customer service side of things first time - the work done was all ok.

    I took it upon myself to contact Sean the manager directly after my first visit as I was unhappy with a few things, he was really good very nice to deal with he understood my points, I did make it in a constructive way not just a 'your companies sh1t' way.

    Sean kindly gave me free fitting on a K Tec manifold which saved me some money and thought was a good apology if only more companies listened like he did.

    So second visit and that was all fine, work done and so far very happy - I did email him after as I noticed a small, issue now appears to be sorted via email - so gain cant fault them on that.

    Does appear its bit of luck what service you get from the guys there sadly.

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