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    KTEC Racing did a fantastic job on my car recently, fitted 4 Eibach springs to replace the broken ones, a new steering wheel and boss kit and managed to identify a annoying clonk as being a worn lower steering column which is being fitted next month. (will post in tech area)

    Alex and Adam and the technician were really helpful and kept me updated on the progress and lent me a car so i could go fishing for the day!! And bought my crusty old steering wheel!!
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  2. Johnny 99

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    Good to read this as so many people seem to have issues with KTR. I've not used them as I'm in Scotland but so often people don't comment on good service & we only read about problems.
  3. Chris

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    Glad to hear some positive feedback about them - I for one have only had good dealings with them when buying parts!
  4. Big Ben

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    Always nice to hear good feedback. Negativity seems to get more publicised
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    Sadly a bit hit and miss i used them had a few problems with the customer service side of things and were rectified to my satisfaction after a complaint to the manager wich is a pity they sell some good stuff and if you can jump on the discount they often have via facebook you can get some ok deals.
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    K-Tec sorted out a steering knock that I had y'day; they adjusted the steering column / UJ angle and tightened up the steering rack bolts, this involved investigating thoroughly to find and rectify. There's comfy seating, magazines, free tea & coffee and everyone I spoke to was friendly and professional.
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    Not had many dealings with KTEC ,but when I had my 182 Cup my original exhaust literally fell off, and I replaced it with a KTEC Sports cat back.

    Lovely piece of kit made for them by Janspeed.
    Fitted really nice, sounded sporty, but with no associated boom or drone.

    It was a lovely sounding exhaust, very subtle, but being stainless, infinitely more durable than the Renault ones.
    And half the price of an original system too
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