Spark Plug Change

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  1. BenAG200

    BenAG200 Paid Member

    Hi All,

    Recently had spark plugs done and the car now turns over a couple of times before starting, whereas previously it was almost instant. Could this indicate a loose/faulty spark plug or is this normal?



  2. Foxspeed

    Foxspeed "the new red baron" Moderator

    it should start better with new plugs not "worse"!

    are the correct ones been fitted?
  3. BenAG200

    BenAG200 Paid Member

    Yeah that's my worry that they're wrong.
  4. Ash

    Ash Platinum Member

    I'd take each one out and re-fit individually and then start the car between each refit to see if its made any difference. Bit long winded but then you'll know which plug is playing up.
  5. Make sure the coilpacks are securely bolted down onto the cam cover, they are easy to strip the thread on and therefore sit loosely.

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