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Discussion in 'Wheels and Tyres' started by Northloopcup, Jan 8, 2017.

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    Clio III RS 200

    Yes it is a known issue! In the german Toristenfahrerforum some guys reported about the same failure on different cars.
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    @jaggeler ... you got a link to that forum?
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    Clio III RS 200
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    Thought I'd update this as I finally drove the car on cup 2's at fcs on Saturday.

    Initial thoughts are they're a very impressive tyre! I started out doing a couple of settling in laps as the car was still relatively new to me. I've come from a properly sorted mk2 cup that I've driven thousands of miles behind the wheel of, to the mk3 on h&r springs and cup 2's that I've driven no more than 300 miles in.

    First couple of laps on the Donington national circuit were steady whilst I got myself settled in. Turn in was good with no understeer at all, not even a hint of it. During my first session I'd say that the ambient temperatures were around the 16/17 degrees, so ideal temps for not overheating the tyre. Having never used the cup 2's, I had to just play it by ear with regard to starting cold pressures. I chose 27psi front and 28psi rear. These were rechecked again whilst hot and found to have increased to just over 30psi all round, so a nice and even increase in pressure. The wear across the tread was also nice and even, so quite a pleasing introduction to the cup 2's.

    Once I'd got a bit more confidence in the chassis (which was awesome compared to the mk2!) I could start to make a bit more progress. Still no signs of understeer, and the only hint of oversteer I found was due to drizzle and generally provoking it to find some sort of limit. I've seen some reports that these tyres squeal on the limit, but there was nothing of the sort in the 2 sessions that I did.

    All in all I found the cup 2's to really suit my driving style. The biggest let down on the day was the brakes tbh, so the ds2500's up front and mtech discs all round are going. I just had no real pedal feel, so a plan of attack has been formed.
    These will be replaced in favour of brembo hc discs with the J hook pattern machined in them up front with ds1.11's. The mtech rear discs will be replaced with plain oe discs, again with the J hook pattern machined into them and I'll stick with the ds2500's at the rear.

    I struggled to find any information out there about these tyres fitted to the mk3's, so hopefully this will be of use to anyone considering buying a set. :sunglasses:
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    They must work well! You seemed very fast to me mate!! (I was in the White Clio racing with you) I was understeering on AD08R's

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    Had them on my 250 and have Super Sports on my 220 both highly recommended
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    AG 200 FF
    You had the better brakes though on the day mate! Good little battle that was on track. Really enjoyed it. :smiley:
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  8. Old mans impressions, RSR good in the dry,lethel in the wet. 888,good on road and track.NS2r,medium, for me, better than the 888,grip as good, lasted longer.PS4,good on road, no good on track. PS2,my son gave me new ones, I will let you know, after Cadwell trackway on the 1st September. These are just my views, and probably don't match anyone else.
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    Any idea how these compare to the Pilot Sport 4's?
  10. On Anglesea track day my in the Meg engines Clio, the PS4 had too much give in the sidewalls, so won't use them on the front, when I am track in September.For the road, they are very good.
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