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    Lowestoft, England.
    Racing Blue RS-200
    Take the humorous title with a large pinch of salt. A tarmac ripper this will not be. Alot of very cheap fun it will be....

    5.30am Sat 12th May 2018. The alarm rings abruptly and off i head for Lowestoft train station on route to Sunny Wolverhampton - rubbing my eyes to try to awaken:


    Getting from Liverpool St to on the tube to Euston with no time to work with was a friggin joke !


    Into the Birmingham area we head....


    Car was all i expected, deal was done and the near 4 hour / 220 mile drive home was negotiated without issue.


    Original untouched engine bay.....(Which as a buyer is what i'd like to find)


    It's got 51k on the clock with just 2 previous (lady) owners. The last for 11 years. Cambelt, w/pump etc done very late 2015 at 41k and the DVLA MOT history checker shows its passed the last 11 MOT's without a single advisory ! Came with the original bill of sale, 20+ service receipts, 12 Citroen stamps in the book, original key-card and more paperwork / receipts than you could shake a stick at.


    First job this morning was a near 8 hour session on the interior. I wanted to at least make part of it mine before i go away on holiday and i'd already bought some new mats and a couple of other bits:




    *Gearknob was horrid, so i've removed it while i was in there and a new Aluminium one is on the way.

    Oversize aerial binned and renewed :flushed:


    And as the GT version doesn't come with a spare wheel of any sort; a fresh can of tyre foam was tie-wrapped under the passenger seat.


    First impressions ? Very good for what it is ! Engine is strong, g/box feels sweet, no clunks from the suspension at all so far, it rides well, brakes straight and true and starts on the button.

    **Front wheels need balancing badly along with the tracking needing doing. And the wheels "need" powder-coating and let it down externally. I may go 'Bronze' with this sort of shade......


    Plans after that are:

    15mm hubcentric spacers all around.
    35mm Eibach Lowering springs.
    Uprated front pads of some sort and some decent brake fluid.

    I'm not sure we'll do anything to the engine; and as far as stripping it goes i'm in two minds. It's so tidy and original i've got a half a mind just to remove rear seats for any off-road days and leave it all alone. A couple of buckets and some harnesses would be nice though......

    May see some of you chaps on track / at Santa Pod somewhere later in the year :sunglasses:
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    R27, ///M CS, Exige V6
    LOVE this mate!

    As I said before, what an amazing way for a father to spend quality time with his eldest!

    Red on bronze / gold wheels always looks bloody awesome to me, definitely go for it!

    As for stripping it, don't get sentimental, remember why you bought it, do it mate!!! Get every single bit of weight out of it you can. Shave the bolts down and everything!


    Hope you and your lad have many fun hours in it. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
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    Megane 275 Trophy
    Great fun cars mate, i had a c2 vts before my clio 200. Fun little cars.
    One thing to keep an eye on is the inlet manifold bolts which work their way loose and can snap.
    Tell tell sign is a whining noise!
    P.S these were the days where i cable tied a tow strap to the bumper :ban:
    42131922031_de4dcc2450_k.jpg IMAG0007 by james simpson, on Flickr
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    R27, ///M CS, Exige V6
    In before it gets deleted!!!

    :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
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  5. sevenfourate

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    Lowestoft, England.
    Racing Blue RS-200

    Fingers crossed it’s ‘enough’ to be fun, without junior getting above his inexperienced station !
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    RB 182 Cup/LY 197 R27

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