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Discussion in 'Gaming & Consoles' started by Mentalpen, May 31, 2014.

  1. Mentalpen

    Mentalpen Guest

    So i got my kids xbox live gold or i thought i had........

    one lad adds the code and gets xbox live, he them loads minecraft and tries to go on line, no joy and moans about other player profiles.

    so i mess about still no joy. google is no help.

    anyway we delete all other profiles and it allows him to go online.

    so we create another account again, lad with xbox gold logs in and creates a world online with mine craft and then other lad (none gold) tries to join but says no.

    do they both need gold accounts? playing on same 360 split screen online with their mates?

    surly its a gold account per machine £40 and not per profile in our case 3 which would be £120!

    only the account with the xbox live code added has the online world tick box not greyed out.

  2. Rogue

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    I believe gold is per user account not per machine.
  3. kash


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    Each profile needs its own gold to go online, Can you not just play splitscreen with both profiles offline?
  4. Membership is to each user.. I think they do a family gold membership if u do it through the console.. not buyin the card from the shop.
  5. Most games allow you to go online as a 'guest' but this means playing onlineas the profile that has Xbox live. And as people have said it is per user account and not per console unfortunately. Could share an account?
  6. Mentalpen

    Mentalpen Guest

    Yes they can split screen offline but i got it so they can all play together.

    Grrrr will look into the family one in future, i bought a card as i knew they could just hammer my card like on watchdog last week.

    Yeah they can share but minecraft (they only play that and fifa) doesn't allow mulitpalyer as a guest.

    Thanks for all the replies, i'm truly shocked, 1. at it being £40 a year and even after charging that is per profile! They won't be getting another thats for sure!
  7. Warren


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    Ring the Microsoft xbl support line, explain the situation and they're usually extremley helpful.
    I ring up once a year to renew my membership and it only costs about £24 so they might be able to do something for you.
  8. Mentalpen

    Mentalpen Guest

    Cheers will give it a bash, especially as they have now dropped the family xbox live gold!
  9. Mentalpen

    Mentalpen Guest

    Cheers for the help mate, they refused to budge but i settled for the 12months being cancelled and them giving me 4 lots of 3 months codes so they got 6 months each.

    not much of a result but a bit one one i suppose.


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    Next time if you want to renew, shop around a bit and you can get it for around £30 a year.

    Also keep an eye on the renewal if you dont want to pay again. Once they have your card details, they'll usually keep taking membership money once the first years is up. This also means they usually take it monthly which is about £6 a month!
  11. Mentalpen

    Mentalpen Guest

    Yeah not entered any CC details and used digital codes.

    Where have you seen it for £30?

    Game has it for 35 on their website. I may be willing to pay £60 but not £80 a year. It would be better to get them a one as it's per machine I've been told.
  12. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    This website I have used many times before and I can thoroughly recommend it. Homepage shows 12 month Live Gold membership for £23.99. Once you have paid, you receive an email with an image of the code that you need. The service is pretty fast from experience, and I've had no trouble.

    As has been said though, the memberships are per user account, not per console :swear:
  13. Mentalpen

    Mentalpen Guest

    Cheers@jimmyd81 i'll use there next time. Wouldn't mind it being one subscription per profile only they don't advertise that at all, something they weren't too forward in admitting.
  14. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    I know what you mean, they do tend to hide that from customers to some degree. Gold Live is pretty dear and can add up when you have a few players, like yourself. However it's a pretty good service, can't really fault it in the many years I've used it.

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